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What a glorious morning here on the South Texas border.  It will soon be another scorcher though as heat indexes soar to over 111 degrees.  Life beckons me to work early and late while saving the middle hours for a nice reading break.  I am stuck between deciding on a Fiction and a Non-Fiction read that I have been saving for this summer.  Have you ever had difficulty deciding on what to read next?  Do you prefer Fiction or Non-Fiction?  Choosing which of our Free*** and Discounted Inspirational book deals to download is just as difficult as deciding what to read next. 🙂  I find it hard to read several books at once and when life is challenging, and believe me with our BIG move over these next two weeks it IS a challenge, I prefer to lose myself in a good story.  If you love Fiction and have a great book to recommend me, please let me know in the comments below.  May the Lord richly bless you and yours today and always,


Photo Credit: Me!  I took this precious photo of my daughter Chelsey while we were serving a lovely Christian home for children with HIV status in Thailand in 2014.  It is well known in our family that I am a horrible photographer but God did bless me with this excellent memory.  I share this today because my daughter is moving on to bigger and better things and I wanted to just cherish this memory as long as possible.  Thank you all for praying for our family.  God bless you.

Non-fiction book deals for 8/6/2019 (US only)

Fiction book deals for 8/6/2019 (US only)

Free*** book deals for 8/6/2019 (US only)

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  1. Janet Ferguson

    Thanks for adding Magnolia Storms! Jennifer Rodewald’s books are all great!
    I saw that you worked with the Billy Graham organization. My son has gone on a couple of relief trips with Samaritan’s Purse and really was impressed.

    • Stasia

      Good Morning Janet! Which of Jennifer Rodewald’s books are great and which of YOUR books was your favorite to write 😉 Yes, I am a Crisis Response Chaplain with the BGEA. At the moment we are moving back to Mexico where we have a ministry home. Everything that wasn’t robbed from the home was destroyed in a flood. We are trying to get back to repair it. Your prayers are appreciated. You must be so proud of your son. Let me know when your books are on can also connect with me for advertising space, just use the contact information. Love n prayers, Stasia


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