Long before the coffee starts brewing, we are searching publishers and authors for the best Christian book deals to share here at LifeVerse Books. Today’s list of FREE and Discounted eBooks is a plethora of delight for the avid book-lover. With absolutely dozens of books to choose from, there is something for just about everyone.

Free*** and Discounted Inspirational Book Deals for the Weekend

Good Evening Book Lovers!There are some amazing book deals this evening.  Take a moment and enjoy these great discounts including When Love Calls by Lorna Seilstad (follow this highlighted link).  We have truly hit the jackpot with these bargains so enjoy!  May the...

Incredible Inspirational Book Deals for Wednesday

Good Evening Book Loving Friends!We love books and because of this, we spend a vast amount of time looking for Free*** and Discounted Inspirational Book Deals.  This evening while I was perusing books for tomorrow, I found some amazing reads and just had to share them...

Bestselling Inspirational Book Deals for a Tuesday Morning

Good Morning Book Lovers!Today we are featuring some wonderful Bestselling Inspirational Books for you to enjoy.  At LifeVerse Books, we always include a list of Free*** Books but please note that the prices can change quickly (even hourly), so grab any and all of...

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