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Long before the coffee starts brewing, we are searching publishers and authors for the best deals to share here at LifeVerse Books. Today’s list of FREE and Discounted Books is a plethora of delight for the avid book-lover. With absolutely dozens of books to choose from, there is something for just about everyone.

The Magnolia Story and Grab Bag Book Deals for 7/23/17

Another week is upon us and we have some wonderful "extras" to help us celebrate!  First, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for the Last Minute Grab Bag Deals.  These deals are above and beyond our normal offering.  They came in 'last minute' this morning...
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56 Free and Discounted Inspirational Book Deals for 7/22/17

When the children are going stir crazy and driving you bananas, what do you do?  Is it time for a mini-vacation or a change of pace?  What do you like to do and where would you like to go?  We are thinking about camping on the beach for a couple of nights.  It sounds...
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86 FREE** and Discounted Inspirational Book Deals for 7/21/2017

Good Morning! Today's list of FREE** and Discounted Christian Books is absolutely HUGE! Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see the 2017 Christian Book Award Winners!  These are truly must read books. The weekend is upon us and I fully plan on some...
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