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Long before the coffee starts brewing, we are searching publishers and authors for the best deals to share here at LifeVerse Books. Today’s list of FREE and Discounted Books is a plethora of delight for the avid book-lover. With absolutely dozens of books to choose from, there is something for just about everyone.

56 Free and Discounted Inspirational Book Deals for 5/26/2017

Whenever there is a book that has perfect reviews, I am intrigued.  Today's list of Free and Discounted Books has several books that have a least 100 (some many, many more) 5 Star Reviews.  Isn't that amazing? Thank you or your patience for today's Daily Deals.  On...
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64 Free and Discounted Inspirational Book Deals for 5/25/2017

We have a great line-up of books for you today! If you haven't done so already, check out our latest book review:  "On the Edge: Leadership Lessons from Mount Everest and Other Extreme Environments." A fun read with some great lessons on life and leadership by...
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Free and Discounted Book Inspirational Books for 5/24/2017

What a glorious day!  The clouds have finally broken allowing the sun to shine drying up the mud and muck left from the storms.  There is always something to do here on the Mission Ranch and even more so after a storm.  The ice tea is brewing and I have my Kindle all...
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