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What Subscribers Are Saying

A few weeks ago, you recommended Where the Wind Leads by Vinh Chung. I picked it up at my local library. I have to say it was one of the best books I have ever read and I am recommending it left and right. Thank you so much for putting these lists together every day, for highlighting books that you really love, and for the encouraging words you write for each post. What you do is such a service to those of us who want meaningful literature. God tells us to think about things that are true and right and noble and lovely. So much of the material out there is not! Thank you for all you do! God bless you! (Val)

I’d like to thank you for doing all the research and finding great books to offer for free and at a discount. I’ve really enjoyed and use your service! what a blessing.  I’m a missionary in Guatemala and have read every book in the English library here at the orphanage and at the Union church (though I skipped a few that didn’t interest me at all).  I now rely on my Kindle for my reading material and what a blessing it is to use your service like a library, in that I can check out the books, read them and then not have to find space to store them myself! (Books are your friends and should be treated as such; cherished and respected) ~Vivian

You are doing a great job with this — I see improvements every day. My favorite is the bigger size pictures that come up portraying the books. Thanks for taking this on!   ~Esther Bergen

Thanks for making such a great overview of Christian books available all the time! I appreciate it. ~Dirk



The new format is quite helpful. Thank you! And I loved the little statement about what a father is ? Thanks for all you do. ~Cathy


Thank you so much for your service! I greatly appreciate knowing about all the free books without having to search for them myself. I especially like the new format, where you divide up the free from the discounted from the featured. Thanks to you, my Kindle library is huge! ~Anni


My personal thanks to you for the wonderful book lists and books available to us all. Lately in the free section I have not found things that I care to read, but that is why I keep checking, and today I hit a jackpot 4 books. Thank you so much. I am on medicare and that is all I live on, so your service is absolutely a God send. I appreciate it so much and thank your for your kindness by doing this each day. God bless. ~Betty