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Life is organized chaos over here at the mission ranch as we prepare to move to Mexico.  There are boxes and stuff everywhere that are screaming for my attention.  Listening to a good book while sorting through what to save, give or toss is very cathartic for me.  Thank the Lord I have many books I can choose from.

Our big move to Mexico is a Two Phase move with Phase One complete.  I flew into Mexico last week with as many bags as I was able to check in as well as to pick up my hubbie and our truck to bring to the border.  The final phase is to finish packing here, cleaning up this place we have called home for 7 years for the new directors coming in and then making the big two day drive into the heart of Mexico with our two vehicles and children.  We greatly value your prayers during this time.  As you can imagine, the drive is not always that safe and there are many costs involved with such a large move.  Just the toll roads alone for one vehicle (mandatory for safety) for the trip come to over $250 USD and gas costs twice what it does in the US.  We need to get our visas, importation papers on the vehicles and etc etc etc.  On the other end, our home awaits us with many things still needing to be addressed, repaired and replaced.  If you feel led to pray for our family during this time we would be so grateful.  A few people contacted us as to how they could send us a monetary offering… you can do that here~~~>  Donate PayPal

May the Lord richly bless you and yours,


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