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Good Morning Book Lovers!

Today is a HUGE day  not only do we have a full line up of Inspirational Book Deals priced at only $0.99*** or less.  (Yes, you read that one right, today we are only sharing book deals for less than a dollar!)

ALERT: today Max Lucado’s new book has been released, How Happiness Happens (at a special price) has finally hit the bookshelves and this is a book you do not want to miss! Now I know that I only share deeply discounted books on my daily list  here at LifeVerse Books, however I have to sneak this link to you for two reasons.  First, I have been on the launch team and have read a good portion of the book and so far it is excellent! (I love all his books.) Second, it was written by Max Lucado and it IS on sale!

What people are saying:

Chip Gaines, Co-Founder of Magnolia

“For me and my family, I’ve always said that the farm isn’t what made us happy. Instead, I believe it was everything that happened on our way to the farm…and it’s because of that journey that we are the people we are today. I love Max Lucado, I love his family, and I love the perspective he shares in How Happiness Happens. If you’re looking for a wakeup call or a dose of modern day wisdom, read this book. In fact, read all of his books—you’ll be glad you did.”

Dennis Praeger, Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show Host

“Max Lucado, one of the leading Christian writers of our time, has written a wonderful book about one of life’s most important subjects: happiness. I have long argued that the happy make the world better and the unhappy make it worse. Therefore, this book can make the world better. I hope millions read it. And while it is written from a Christian’s perspective, anyone of any faith—or of no faith—will greatly benefit from it.”

I am sure you will enjoy this and many other outstanding titles we feature on our list today.

Happy Reading!


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