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Mark Batterson is an outstanding author whose books never fail to challenge and inspire. In “A Trip Around the Sun” he one-ups himself by bringing aboard Richard “Dick” Foth, one of his mentors, to co-author an inspiring chronicle of wisdom, warmth and  great story-telling.

According to Mark, this is a project that he had been hoping to pull off for quite awhile. Dick Foth is a man who has so greatly influenced and inspired him over the years, he wanted the world to experience this master story teller in action. Having listened to the audiobook, with Mark and Dick reading their respective, alternate chapters, I was swept off my feet. This is a GREAT book written and read by two outstanding men hooked on adventure.

Books don’t get any better than this. On a scale of 5 stars, I give it 6. Chapter titles include “For the Love of Risk”—“Accumulate Experiences”—“The Original Adventure”, etc. This is a no-holds-barred mentoring session with two men who understand what a life well lived is about and are willing to share what they have learned.

I loved listening to Dick Foth’s stories and each paragraph dripped with wisdom. What a writer and what a story teller! Realizing he was just relaying his experience from so many angles, I have to say: What a life! He was a missionary kid who never stopped learning, and never stopped venturing for God.

Reading or listening this book will make you want to love your family more, take more risks, really get to know everybody you encounter, and make the most of every day of your life. Frankly, hearing Dick Foth read his offerings gave me goosebumps. This is a man’s man—a spiritual father with a heart the size of Texas. Mark Batterson is blessed to have this guy on his team!

Quotes I like in the book include:

“Jesus came to earth to unlock our world.”

“I see life as a grand escapade. New opportunities and new friends are always just around the corner. Tomorrow’s outcome will be better than today’s. Life brims with possibilities and is crammed with discovery. So a trip around the sun can be 365 days of unabashed adventure!”

“I have come to believe that from the moment of conception we are being formed with and adventure in mind.”

“Who knows what dreams can take root in your children’s hearts when you choose to live your life adventuring? Who can fathom what new hopes will be born when you choose to experience life instead of just get through it?”

My rating: [usr 5]

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