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Good Morning Book-Venturers!

Do you get the feeling that voices all around us are trying to draw us away from the joy and simplicity of loving and knowing Jesus? I really believe we need to keep our eye on the prize—and that prize is knowing him. Jesus said “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.” (Matt. 6:33) And that begins by seeking the heart of the King!

Today we have 104 Inspirational Kindle titles–on on sale–covering a wide range of subjects and interests. Here are just three examples:

“Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus” by Mary E. DeMuth. In this gentle and challenging book, DeMuth describes the process and the nuances that shape us to be more like Christ. Her words are clear, vulnerable, and thought provoking, and every chapter is infused with Scripture. Most of all, DeMuth provides personal and practical evidence that there is no greater pursuit than Christ.

“If you want a deeper relationship with Christ, “Everything” brings it together. If you want to be everything God created you to be, “Everything” inspires. Don’t come at this book without a highlighter and a pencil. It’s pointless to read this book without an open mind and a willing and bendable heart. “Everything” will change your heart and allow Christ to transform your life.” (Reviewer)

Deliver Us From Evil: Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture by Ravi Zacharias. Ravi Zacharias shows how informed and empowered believers can change their world. With wise choices, we can contend for good, and our nation can be restored. But it is essential to understand that renewal begins in the individual human soul. We cannot hope to confront these divisive issues until we understand them in context. This  book will help you gain timely focus and a unique clarity of vision.

“Maybe his most profound writing. Logically sound & very informative about the spiritual warfare In which we are participating. Can we get back what seems lost or must we wait for the return of the KING of kings.” (Reviewer)

Prayers for Freedom over Worry and Anxiety by Bruce Wilkinson. Set your heart free as you are encouraged by God’s truth and empowered by His love. Be uplifted as you read short devotions to quiet your mind, scripture to guide your thoughts, and prayers to help you convey your burdens to the Lord, who can handle them all. This book , by the author of the international “Prayer of Jabez,” will help you in your daily prayer time, enhancing your current experience and freeing you to fully embrace heavenly peace.

“Awesome Awesome Book! I haven’t read any books by Bruce Wilkinson that I didn’t like and get a ton from. This is no different! Everyone should read this to find peace the Bible way.” (Reviewer)

Happy Reading!


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Non-Fiction book deals for 6/9/20

*Note:  Books are priced between $0.99 and $6.99 with the majority of books priced at $2.99 or less***

Fiction book deals for 6/9/20

*Note:  Books are priced between $0.99 and $5.99 with the majority of books priced at $0.99 or less***

Has this ministry been a blessing to you? If you like, you can leave a Tip Here

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