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Good Morning Book Lovers!

First and foremost, please forgive the tardiness of the Daily Deals.  Lifeverse Books is no longer generating income for us and as I am working I have been putting in extra hours in order to manage a few important family things.  Which brings me to today! 

Today you find me and the men folk in gorgeous Wyoming.  We are slowly traveling across the country to bring our daughter Destiny her vehicle for school.  She is currently at The International Hour of Prayer Ministries.  It has been a lovely time of catching up with John, Noah and Chelsey.  I have not seen my son since March and it has been so sweet teaching him to watercolor.  He is so talented.  Prayers are appreciated as we have a boatload of Drs. appointments for him and Ella lined up as soon as we hit the ground in Texas. 

Finally, I do have a little Giveaway planned for August!   Here are the details:

  1. August Giveaway- Choice of Prize!!!

One Winner will receive either a $25 Amazon OR Christian Books (dot com) Gift Card (winner choice!)

Three (3) runner up winners will receive a Best Selling Kindle Book (winners can choose between a fiction or non-fiction)


How?  To Enter~~~>

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*Share in the Comments below how many states in the United States you have visited in your lifetime as well as your favorite state and why!!! (keep it brief)

Winners will be announced on August 26th!

May you be blessed!



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  1. Rachelle

    I have visited about 26 states. My favorite is Tennessee. It is beautiful and there is so much to do. I love it!

  2. Traci Kukla

    I am a military wife for both marriages so I have done my fair share of traveling. Born and raised in Indiana, I now live in the panhandle of Florida (hopefully my last move!). In 25+ years i have lived in or visited Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina , Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington DC, Tennessee, hopefully some day I will get to visit out west.

  3. Teresa

    My own. I think everyone should be proud and live their own state. Plus I’ve only been to Michigan to visit family.

    • Sandy Hewett

      Been to 25 states in USA. Tie between Tennessee and Hawaii.

  4. Leisa

    I had to get a list and count. 36 states! My favorite is Illinois. It’s not the place but because I spend time with my sister-in-love and my husband’s family. We drive from Texas and have such a great time. We usually go every year for the past 5 years. This is the first year we’ve stayed home. I miss her!

  5. Hannah Schaitel

    I’ve been to 16 states besides the one in which I live (Louisiana), but my favorite is Texas because you get to have a taste of both the city and the country in full force depending on where you are there!

  6. William Krohn

    I have visited 34 states. It is very hard to pick a favorite, but Georgia had some of the friendliest people and most delicious food.

  7. Christy Ann

    28 states for me and I’ve lived in 5: IL, FL, MO, TN and TX. I currently live in TX, but TN is my favorite state. I would live there if I could again, but that would put me too far from my son. Maybe someday, but not right now. IMO, TN has temperate weather while still having all four defined seasons. Plus mountains, waterfalls, lots of beautiful country drives, gorgeous parks and trails, and lots of quaint small towns.

  8. Diane Johnson

    Always a great selection of books. 📚
    I’ve been to 33 states, was born in Washington. Have lived in Washington, Georgia, Colorado, New Mexico, and currently live in Arizona.
    A few years ago Sam and I traveled in our little 15 foot travel trailer and we visited 24 states together.
    While Washington ☔️ is beautiful, I love it here in Arizona. 🌵

  9. Kat Hubbard

    49 States, Canada, and Mexico. Haven’t been to Hawaii. My favorite is my own state. Absolutely love Florida’s beaches.


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