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Author and Pastor Mark Batterson.

Mark Batterson is hands down one of the best Christian non-fiction writers to come around in a long time. You have to read one of his books, if you haven’t already, to see for yourself what I mean. All his books are good, but when I read “Chase the Lion,” I turned to my wife and said: “That is the best book I have ever read!”

This is his sequel to “In A Pit With A Lion In A Pit On A Snowy Day,” which introduced readers to Beniah, one of David’s mighty men, who is given honorable mention in 1 Chronicles 11:22:

“Benaiah son of Jehoiada, a valiant fighter from Kabzeel, performed great exploits. He struck down Moab’s two mightiest warriors. He also went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion.”

Not since “The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson (2000) has so much awesome truth been drawn from an obscure passage of scripture. Batterson again and again drives home the point: Rise up. Chase your dreams. Slay your challenges. Never stop going for all God has put in your path! Fear nothing but fear itself!

Being a lion chaser is first of all a posture. It is a mind-set of optimism and faith that takes responsibility to make the chase. In Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits, it would be the first Habit: Be Pro-active. Don’t let life act on you. Take action on life! Chase the lion!

Batterson reminds us: “In God’s kingdom the outcome isn’t the issue. Success isn’t winning or losing; it’s obeying. … In God’s book success is spelled stewardship. It’s making the most of the time, talent, and treasure God has given you. It’s doing the best you can with what you have, where you are.”

Here are some other memorable quotes from the book:


“God honors big dreams because big dreams honor God.”
“At the end of our lives, our greatest regrets will be the God ordained opportunities we left on the table.”
“Everything in your past is preparation for something in your future. God wastes nothing!”
“You can run away from what you’re afraid of, but you’ll be running the rest of your life.”

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

About the author: John is husband to a gorgeous wife, dad to six beautiful kids (31, 27, 25,17, 11 and 10), has worked with young world changers for 4 decades on 4 continents, and presently serves as Chief Information Officer with Justice For Youth (Copyright 2017– LifeVerse Books. All rights reserved.)


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