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We are so blessed to have God’s Word at our fingertips! Do you remember the day when we all had to pull out bulky hardback commentaries and Bible dictionaries, word study Encyclopedias, Lexicons and several Bibles for comparison, and place them on the dining room table to prepare for Sunday School or simply to enrich our personal Bible study? I do! Now we can explore dozens of translations with the click of our finger (or mouse) on our smart phone or other mobile device. We are most blessed!

The Bible is a mother load of precious gold that will never cease to yield a rich supply for every seeker that makes the effort to mine it with a hungry heart.

Today we have a number of superb Bible-Study-Focused titles that are sure to “hit the spot” for lovers of God’s Word, who say along with righteous Job:

“I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.” (Job 23:12)
Here are a few recommendations from today’s list to get you started:

“The Greatest Words Ever Spoken: Everything Jesus Said About You, Your Life, and Everything Else” by Steven K. Scott. For the first time ever, all of the statements Jesus made in the New Testament have been brought together, in this outstanding volume, and organized under more than 200 topics. When you want to know his will in a specific area of life, or you’re seeking the answer to a perplexing question, or you are desperate for his encouragement, comfort, or wisdom–you can easily find the help you need. This will be a springboard again and again for rich encounters with the Word.

“It is amazing and powerful to see all Jesus’ teachings on a subject together, and the world is a better place for having this book in it.” (Reviewer)

“The Owner’s Manual for Christians: The Essential Guide for a God-Honoring Life” by Charles Swindoll. From personal experience, we can attest that Charles Swindoll is an amazing man of God whose love for God’s Word and ability to exegete and communicate it is second to none! Nothing can replace studying the Bible.  Swindoll has spent decades studying its pages and teaching its precepts. But if sixty-six books seem overwhelming, The Owner’s Manual for Christians is the perfect starting place: a biblical summary of the major truths that anchor the Christian life.

“Throughout the book, Swindoll draws heavily on Scripture from the Old Testament as well as the New. He’s not afraid to explore the stories of lesser known prophets and characters like Micah, as well as draw on the rich teachings of Jesus. Known for being a highly effective storyteller, Swindoll laces his book with colorful illustrations and anecdotes from history as well as experiences from his own life” (Reviewer)

“How to Find God in the Bible: A Personal Plan for the Encounter of Your Life” by Woodrow Kroll. If you want to know God’s heart, the best way is to read His Word. “Back to the Bible” president Woodrow Kroll takes the intimidation out of reading the Bible. Designed to help ordinary people connect with God through His Word, this book explores tangible ways to prepare yourself, define your expectations, and profit from the experience. The author also shares personal discoveries that have revolutionized his understanding of Scripture.

“Here’s a sample of the simplicity of Dr. Kroll’s style: “I’m often asked which version of the Bible I think is the best, and I always respond, “”The one you read.”” It doesn’t matter if you are convinced your version is the most accurate there is. If you don’t read it, you won’t connect with God.”

There are many more outstanding reads in today’s list of FREE and Discounted Kindle books!

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