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Dr David Levy is an award winning neurosurgeon who prays for his patients. In this book lets us see into his world–a world filled with the technical challenges, unique cases, high points and low points that only a brain surgeon could experience. I really appreciate his openness and honesty throughout the book, and his strong commitment to people.  His testimony is that God works in us and through us for His glory if we are willing to look to Him. Very engaging reading. Hard to put the book down.

From The Back Cover:

Dr David Levy

What happens when prayer and surgery mix? When highly respected neurosurgeon Dr. David Levy decided to ask his patients whether he could pray with them prior to surgery, he had no idea what to expect. What if the surgery went poorly—who would be to blame? What if it went well—would God or science get the credit? And how would introducing prayer into the surgical process change his patients’ and colleagues’ opinion of him as a surgeon? While some patients found comfort in Levy’s request, others were skeptical or even downright hostile. But in the end, everyone—even the good doctor himself—was transformed by the experience.

A perfect blend of pulse-racing medical drama and profound spiritual insight, Gray Matter not only provides a fascinating glimpse into the elite field of neurosurgery as we watch Levy perform some of the most challenging surgical procedures in medicine today, it also provides a refreshingly candid and revealing glimpse into the heart and mind of a neurosurgeon—those divinely fallible beings we sometimes expect to play God. Levy’s musings on what successful and unsuccessful surgical results imply about faith, forgiveness, and the power of prayer are at once unexpected and insightful. And as he arrives at his ultimate conclusion that regardless of the results “God is good,” one cannot help but be truly moved and inspired.

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