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Good Morning Friends,

Last night a thunderous rainstorm broke loose above our lakeside community. Our dogs Reagan (Golden Retriever) and Lady Thatcher (Siberian Husky) scratched on the front door so hard we had to let them in for the night. Where they were was sheltered from the rain, but thunder and lightning spooked them.

Psalm 104:3 says “He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.” God rides the storm, and we are seated in heavenly places with Christ! Yet sometimes we need to have that extra encouragement of shelter and warmth to get through the day. For me, my study provides that. The precious Word of God and the many outstanding books in my library provides hours hours of comfort and inspiration. These precious “friends” are changing me for the better.

Today’s list of FREE and Discounted eBooks is loaded with treasures today. Here are three titles I recommend:

“The Spiritually Vibrant Home: The Power of Messy Prayers, Loud Tables, and Open Doors” by Don Everts. This book invites us to contemplate what the Bible says about households and consider what a new research project has revealed by pulling back the curtains on everyday households of faith. Original research from the Barna Group and Lutheran Hour Ministries shows that some of the healthiest, most vibrant homes extend beyond the nuclear family and include people that may not be biologically related but feel like family. 

“It’s clear that the author and Barna have done a lot of work in their research to understand what makes a spiritually vibrant home. What I especially appreciate about this book is that it gives degrees of engagement, not just what the “gold standard” is for a spiritually vibrant home.” (Reviewer)

“The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms” by Timothy Keller. Two decades ago, Tim Keller began reading the entire Book of Psalms every month. The Songs of Jesus is based on his accumulated years of study, insight, and inspiration recorded in his prayer journals. Kathy Keller came to reading the psalms as a support during an extended illness. Together they have distilled the meaning of each verse, inviting readers into the vast wisdom of the Psalms.

“This is the best book we have yet read on the Psalms. The Psalm, an explanation and a daily prayer are a perfect way to start the day. This is one of the best gifts we have ever received.” (Reviewer)

LOOKING FOR A GREAT BIOGRAPHY? TRY: “Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon” by Greg Laurie.  In this book, Laurie thoughtfully interviews Steve McQueen’s friends, co-stars, associates, widow, and pastor to tell of the dramatic life-change for the actor in the spring of 1979–six months before McQueen was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Join Greg Laurie as he takes a cross-country drive in his 1968 Highland Green Ford Mustang 390 GT through the canyons of Malibu, the alleys of Hollywood, the wide and open roads of the Midwest, and the streets of New York as he traces the woolly geography of actor Steve McQueen’s life, relationships, career, and spiritual journey. This iconic muscle car was the vehicle McQueen drove in his most raucous and enduring film, Bullitt…Greg will follow the seeds of Christianity that were sown throughout McQueen’s improbable life where a Light finally shone into the darkness of his troubled life. These seeds miraculously germinated, allowing McQueen to see that redemption through Jesus Christ is a lasting truth more glittering and real than any magic of the entertainment industry.

“This was a easy read. I was swept away on the road trip and enjoyed meeting all the fascinating people. Pastor Greg skillfully weaves the gospel into the story. I would recommend this book even to those not McQueen fans.” (Reviewer)

Happy Reading!


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Non-Fiction book deals for 8/3/2020

*Note:  Books are priced between $0.99 and $6.99 with the majority of books priced at $1.99 or less***

Fiction book deals for 8/3/2020

*Note:  Books are priced between $0.99 and $5.99 with the majority of books priced at $0.99 or less***

Has this ministry been a blessing to you? If you like, you can leave a Tip Here

FREE*** book deals for 8/3/2020

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