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Good Morning Saints!

It is the final Sunday of the year—of the decade–and as you ponder what has gone before and what lay ahead, one thing you know for sure: great books will always be among your most treasured friends!

There are so many excellent titles on the list today. I will mention just one:

“The Courage to Soar” by NYT Bestselling author Michelle Burford tells the amazing story of “America’s Sweetheart”—Olympics gymnast champion, Simone Biles. Of her 19 medals, 14 are gold. But more than that, this young lady who grew up in Texas, whose God-given talent, passion, and perseverance have made her one of the top gymnasts in the world, and has a heart of gold. This book will inform, entertain and inspire you!

“A fascinating look backstage at the world of competitive gymnastics through the eyes of a world champion” (Reviewer)

Happy Reading!



Non-fiction book deals for 12/29/2019 (US only)

*Note: Books are priced between $0.99 and $6.99 with the majority of books priced at under $2.99***

Fiction book deals for 12/29/2019 (US only)

*Note: Books are priced between $0.99 and $6.99 with the majority of books priced at under $2.99***

FREE*** book deals for 12/29/2019 (US only)

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  1. Connie Vial

    Thank you so much…

    • Stasia

      Dear Connie, Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you.

  2. Cathy Kenny

    Thanks for all your hard work this past year! I have gotten several really great books and discovered some new authors! May God continue to bless your ministry, and I pray you have a very blessed and joyful new year!

    • Stasia

      Dear Cathy, Thank you so much. Yesterday was horrible day as I am struggling with pneumonia and it hurts to just sit up. I appreciate your prayers. May the Lord richly bless you this New Year. Love, Stasia


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