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Good Morning Fellow Book Lovers!

I have a fantastic list of FREE and Discounted Kindle eBooks for you today! It’s hard to know where to start, but here are just three of many great Christian Book titles on offer today highly discounted:

“The Butterfly and the Violin” by Kristi Cambron. This book as has received numerous rave reviews and countless recommendations. It is part 1 of the Hidden Masterpiece fictional series by a born-again, vintage-inspired storyteller who has produced   award-winning historical fiction and whose work has been named to Publishers Weekly Religion & Spirituality TOP 10, Library Journal Reviews’ Best Books, RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards.

“In her historical series debut, Cambron expertly weaves together multiple plotlines, time lines, and perspectives to produce a poignant tale of the power of love and faith in difficult circumstances. Those interested in stories of survival and the Holocaust, such as Eli Wiesel’s Night, will want to read.” –Library Journal

“Extraordinary: The Life You’re Meant to Live” by John Bevere. Why are we drawn to stories of heroic triumph over seemingly impossible circumstances? In our fascination with adventure movies, superheroes, and tales of incredible human feats, do we reveal an inherent desire for something larger and greater in life? Maybe what we think is a need to escape or be entertained is actually a God inspired longing…for the extraordinary.

“Really clear style, which is easy to read and to read aloud. It’s simple and to the point, without repetition, and it has a solid message of God’s love and faithfulness. It brings out some ideas I’ve never considered, and gives fresh insight into things we all (think we) understand.” (Reviewer)

“The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations” by Anne Graham Lotz. Prayer does work, sometimes the “pray-ers” don’t. So Anne has turned to the prophet Daniel for help. The Daniel Prayer is born deep within your soul, erupts through your heart, and pours out on your lips, words created by and infused with the Spirit of God quivering with spiritual electricity. It’s really not an everyday type of prayer. It’s a prayer birthed under pressure.

“This is Ms Lotz at her best! Her approach breaks down what many think [believe?] to be the complexities of prayer by using the rudiments of Daniel’s prayer from chapter 9 of his book in the OT. The reader quickly comes to appreciate that the essence of The Daniel Prayer hope, humility, and wisdom respectively birth courage, credibility, and perspective.” (Reviewer)

My prayer for you today is that you experience the joy of His presence and that your cup overflows with His goodness!

Happy Reading!


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Non-fiction book deals for 5/2/2020

*Note:  Books are priced between $0.99 and $3.99 with the majority of books priced at $1.99 or less***

Fiction book deals for 5/2/2020

*Note:  Books are priced between $0.99 and $3.99 with the majority of books priced at $1.99 or less***

Has this ministry been a blessing to you? If you like, you can leave a Tip Here

FREE*** book deals for 5/2/2020


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