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With the present crisis we find ourselves in, we are all spending much more time in the home than ever before. I would encourage you to take that time to read, meditate, and pray. The united prayers of God’s people  will be the key to deliverance and the doorway for revival.

Today’s list includes a whole bunch of prayer-inspiring books. Here are a few examples:

“Praying the Psalms” and “Praying the Promises of Jesus” by Ray Stedman. Praying the Psalms will help you to do the same by giving you words to reflect the deepest cries of your soul. You’ll discover that God delights in hearing your most honest prayers and uses them as the starting point for transformation. Learning to emotionally connect with God in greater intimacy will also lead to relational breakthroughs with others.  In Praying the Promises of Jesus, you will be introduced in a fresh way to the many astonishing promises Jesus made to his followers. He promised to love us, to fill us with joy, to strengthen us, to give us peace and rest, and to prepare an eternal home for us. Including these promises in our prayers is a powerful exercise as you go before the throne of God.

“This is an amazingly powerful book on prayer. Praying the Promises of Jesus has truly encouraged and strengthened my heart and life and drawn me closer to God. It is one of the best books I have ever read on prayer.” (Reviewer)

“The Grace Outpouring: Blessing Others through Prayer” by Roy Godwin.

“This is one of the most faith-nurturing books I’ve ever read. Roy Godwin tells his story gently, with evident humility, without exaggeration and blows my mind!” (Reader)

“What a wonderful book – but it should come with a warning label, for you will want to make a trip to Wales before you finish the first few chapters. The accounts shared are remarkable, the power of blessing profound, and the desire to experience what is shared here is great” (Reviewer)

Prayers of Hope for Caregivers: Seeking God’s Strength When Someone You Love Needs You by Sarah Forgrave.

“Sarah Forgrave has given us a jewel of a prayer guide. Everyone knows of, has been, or has needed a caregiver. This book gives us great insight on how to pray in many different situations regarding care and caregivers. You will be blessed as you pray through this book.” (Dave Butts, president of Harvest Prayer Ministries and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee)

These are a few of many outstanding books on sale today!

Happy Reading!


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