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Good Morning!

Today is a gorgeous day here on the ranch and what better way to begin the weekend than by announcing our $200 Amazon Gift Card Winner!   A group of talented, inspirational authors and writers gathered together to celebrate SPRING and offer their followers a wonderful opportunity to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card.  The Giveaway was a huge success and hundreds of people entered! Thank you for this Giveaway goes not only to all of the participants but to the sponsors of the event as well.   Our Sponsors were:

And now to the GOOD part…  Who WON the Giveaway?

The winner of the LifeVerse Blogger Connect $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway goes to…

Angie Eads

Congratulations Angie!  We hope you enjoy your Gift!

Thank you everyone for participating and please continue to follow along with us on our journey! May the Lord richly bless you and yours, Stasia


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