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The other day I went to look in on an elderly couple who live nearby.  He has cancer and she takes such prodigious care of him, they are just so very sweet.  The holidays can be difficult for many.  Cooking and baking for others seems to be a huge part of our holiday celebrations so I have put them on my short list for a plate of something yummy.  Wanting to try something new, I became terribly distracted looking through cookbooks while I was searching for today’s FREE*** and Discounted Inspirational Book Deals.  I found this yummy looking book: The Southern Pantry Cookbook and then got myself distracted all over again looking through the Black Friday Countdown Deals.  Yes, it is that time of year again… (drum roll please) BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY are truly just a few days away.  You can find the BLACK FRIDAY links here ~~~> BLACK FRIDAY COUNTDOWN DEALS 2019

A few weeks ago we locked ourselves tight in our home as another ‘balecera” shattered the midnight silence.  The news is filled with stories of danger and to be honest, most are true.  We have lived and served on Mexican soil for decades so this is nothing new to us and we are not afraid.  We rest secure in God’s unfailing love and protection.   While we live here, we have to keep our visas current on ourselves as well as our vehicles.  That being said, would you pray with our family as we prepare for our trip to the border?  We have a lot to do and even more to believe for as we must make this trip in order to renew our documentation.  Please pray especially for our safety and the safety of our home.  We hope to be stateside for a week or so in order to love on our older children and grandson as well as pick up a few needed supplies to bring home.  It will be a busy time but rest assured I will be putting out these Daily Inspirational Deals as long as I can find a WiFi spot to broadcast from.  🙂   Thank you so much for your prayerful support and encouragement.  We would be so honored to pray for you as well, you can message us or contact us through our ministry page, The Lighthouse Prayer Network.

May the Lord lavish His most extravagant lone on you and yours this Thankful Season,

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  1. Cindy Roper

    Yes, I will be praying for you and family as you journey to renew your Visa. Also will pray as Spirit leads for ongoing safety. He is our shield for sure and very present help in time of trouble.

    • Stasia

      Thank you Cindy for your prayers…. they are greatly appreciated. May the Lord richly bless you as well. Love n prayers, Stasia


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