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Good Morning Book Lovers,

Today we lead off with 4 excellent titles by Max Lucado, all for just $1.99 at posting. Max has been called “America’s pastor” and his books are always such an encouragement. His ability to frame thoughts and pictures in words–and apply them to the sweet spot in the reader’s soul– is a unique gift from God.  I would encourage you to get all of these, read them, add them to your library and share them with others. They are all timeless classics. Here they are:

“God Will Carry You Through” focuses on the life of Joseph. Through decades of betrayal, abandonment, and false accusations, Joseph never gave up on God or His purpose. He continually trusted the sovereignty of God as Master-weaver of his life. This book is rich in hope and in these pages you will find peace and reassurance to move through whatever challenge you face. When life is falling apart, God will carry you through.

“Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms: Hope and Encouragement from Psalm 23”  showcases the most beloved Psalm of all time, Max Lucado style. He describes this psalm as “written by a shepherd who became a king–because He wanted us to know about a King who became a shepherd.” With Psalm 23 as our guide, we can release our burdens, throw off our fears, and rest safely in the Shepherd’s arms.

“Five stars… I love everything Max Lucado’s writes. He is such a gifted writer. He has amazing wisdom and insight. He explains God’s word in a way that even a child can understand it. His writings are so encouraging.” (Reviewer)

“Come Thirsty: No Heart Too Dry for His Touch” is an opus of healing and ancouragement.

“The Lord God Almighty has anointed this author to quench the thirst of a very labored and weary world. Thank you Max, for choosing to use your gift of writing to bring all of us closer to the God who makes our heart beat, our body breathe, and our souls renewed.” (Reviewer)

“Another wonderfully inspiring book from Max Lucado. God is using this man to remind us of His boundless love.” (Reviewer)

“A Gentle Thunder: Hearing God Through the Storm” This book will help you weather any situation by hearing God throughout the storms of life. Lucado has the ability to bring his readers face to face with Jesus through powerful encounters from the Bible.

“Got to read this book. Answers allot of questions. It gives clarity. Book to be read over again. Awesome book!”

There are many other outstanding authors and titles on our list today!

Happy Reading!





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