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Good Morning Book Venturers!

Let’s face it: we all love a great story! Are you ready for some great reads–real life stories– that will engage your mind, touch your heart, leaving you with a sense of wonder long after you are finished reading? I have three of them today–all “Must Reads”–to recommend, and they are just a few of many great books on the list today!

“Same Kind of Different As Me” by Ron Hall.  This book is a powerful, gripping must read adventure that you don’t want to miss! A critically acclaimed #1 New York Times best-seller with more than one million copies in print,  it spawned a major motion picture release by Paramount in fall 2017. Gritty with pain and betrayal and brutality, this true story also shines with an unexpected, life-changing love.

“A life-changing story. How anyone can possibly read this book without a profound change in both mindset and lifestyle, is beyond me.” (Reviewer)

“Read it and pass it on….Or get several copies like I did, because for me, I wanted to share it, but this one’s a KEEPER. On my Bookshelf, is MY COPY. It won’t ever be loaned out because it is one of my TREASURES.” (Reviewer)

“I have wept my way through this book, in public and in waiting rooms. It is as touching as it is revealing about your own vulnerabilities and insecurities, regardless of your faith. I just finished reading the last page and will need a few days to ponder the depth of this lesson (the many lessons!) before moving on to another story.” (Reviewer)

“Wherever the River Runs: How a Forgotten People Renewed My Hope in the Gospel” by Kelly Minter. This beautiful journey through the Amazon invites readers to search their souls and follow Jesus wherever the river runs—experiencing the adventure of knowing the poor and forgotten people He loves. Kelly Minter invites us on a jungle adventure down a river teeming with piranhas, caymans, a beautiful people, and, especially, God’s presence.

LOVED this book. I read many, many books like these but few are written with such humor and humility.” (Reviewer)

“LIFE CHANGER. What a great read, written with an honesty and openness I have rarely encountered.” (Reviewer)

“The Magnolia Story (with Bonus Content)” by Chip & Joanna Gaines, with Mark Dagostino. This is Chip and Joanna Gaines’ first book. This wonderful couple captured hearts on their HGTV show Fixer Upper, which ran for 5 seasons. “The Magnolia Story” offers fans a detailed look at their life together—from the very first renovation project they ever tackled  to the project that nearly cost them everything.  It traces the childhood memories that shaped them, and showcases the twists and turns that led them to the life they share on the farm today.  This eBook includes the full text of the book plus an exclusive additional chapter from Chip and Joanna that is not found in the hardcover! A National Bestseller – New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly. 

“The Chip and Jo you’ve come to love on television are even more amazing when you read their story. They have shared some very personal setbacks that shaped who they are as people” (Reviewer)

“The book is endearing, inspiring and at times will make you laugh out loud, just as Chip does on the show. I love Fixer Upper and am constantly inspired by their designs and family life, if you enjoy the show you will love the book!” (Reviewer)

Happy Reading!


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*Note:  Books are priced between $0.99 and $3.99 with the majority of books priced at $1.99 or less***

Has this ministry been a blessing to you? If you like, you can leave a Tip Here

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