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Alison Levine

Adventurer and Author Alison Levine

A Forthright and Refreshing Look At Leadership

Once in a blue moon I read a book that leaves me thinking I wish I had written it. On The Edge is such a book. The problem is that no one but the author could have written it. She is, after all the one who climbed the tallest peak on each continent and served as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition and skied to both the North and South Poles. She holds an MBA from Duke University and served as an adjunct instructor at the United States Military Academy at West Point in the Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership.

On The Edge Leadership Lessons

This is one of the best books I have ever read on leadership, and one of the most engaging books I have ever read on any subject. It is an exciting read, as Levine takes you with her on her amazing adventures and constantly carves out poignant, powerful leadership lessons along the way.  Her unique style of communication (punchy and laced with humor and spunk) ,fresh insights into on-the-ground leadership principles, and love for life come across loud and clear in every page. There is nothing orthodox or died-in-the-wool about Alison’s life or leadership style. Her insights in On The Edge are  refreshing and compelling.

It is no wonder this is a New York Times best seller. It is also no wonder that she has won so much praise from so many for this book.

As she writes in the intro:

“There is no shortage of leadership books written by presidents, politicians, CEO’s, psychologists, military heroes, and executive coaches. I am none of the above. My take on leadership comes primarily from my experiences as a high altitude mountaineer and polar explorer…”

According to Brigadier General (Ret.) Tom Kolditz Professor Emeritus, U.S. Military Academy, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership, On The Edge is

“An irresistible book that gives readers a glimpse into the sensibilities of one of the finest natural leaders I have ever known. Alison Levine’s ON THE EDGE offers amazing insights….timely, practical lessons and authentic inspiration delivered with candor and spunk.”

My rating: [usr 5]

About the author: John is husband to a gorgeous wife, dad to six beautiful kids (31, 27, 25,17, 11 and 10), has worked with young world changers for 4 decades on 4 continents, and presently serves as Chief Information Officer with Justice For Youth (Copyright 2017– LifeVerse Books. All rights reserved.)





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