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Darlene Zschech is a well known worship leader and song writer who served as worship pastor with Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia for 11 years (1996 to 2007) during which time she established herself as a pioneer of the modern worship movement, producing more than 20 albums under the Hillsong Music label and writing more than 80 published worship songs.

Darlene’s book “Revealing Jesus: A 365 Day Devotional” is a refreshing and inspiring journey into the scriptures. Perhaps it is because this woman has dedicated her life to leading people into God’s presence that she offers such clear and concise and insights into God’s heart.

Each month has a theme, as follows:


February…Solid Rock


April…Holy One

May…The Gate


July…Risen One


September…Breath of Life


November…Friend of Sinners


Here are some quotes from the first few pages:

“Every time I read the Psalms, my thoughts turn to Jesus and my joy is renewed. I learn again how to pray and how to praise, in any circumstance of my life.”

“The Lord promises that He will deliver those who care for the poor. God is so very kind. He is always rewarding faithfulness. But I pray in my heart of hearts that I’ll never do to be seen or give to get. I want to do because I love; to give because I care.”

“For my own soul to be strong, I need God time, family time, thinking time, and creative time. When my soul becomes weary, I find myself vulnerable to waves of depression and insecurity. That’s the moment—the second—when I know I need to go and care for my soul with all urgency.”

Each month is capped off on the final day with something special– a classic devotional reading from one of the greats of the past– whether it be Spurgeon, Thomas A’ Kempis, Richard Baxter or another—and on  a couple of occasions she includes an inspiring poem or song. Like a master song leader who knows how to make smooth transitions and operate in tandem with the Spirit, Darlene has created for as a relaxing, invigorating and encouraging companion to take us gently through the year and leave us thirsting for more.

My Rating: [usr 5]

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