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“John Oswald Sanders (October 17, 1902—October 24, 1992) was a general director of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (then known as China Inland Mission) in the 1950s and 1960s. He authored more than forty books on the Christian life. He became an elder statesman and worldwide conference speaker from his retirement until his death.” (Wikipedia)

“Spiritual Leadership” by Sanders is a book that has found its way on the short-list of “most influential books” of thousands of Christian ministers and workers world-wide. It is still a Christian Bestseller 50 years after it was written. It deserves a place on your bookshelf and is worthy of a re-read every few years! Here is a 3 minute video primer that we hope will whet your appetite!

“This is the best book on Christian Leadership I have read.” ~Charles Colson

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